Smart Street Parking

Street Parking offers multiple styles for motorists to leave their vehicle unoccupied. There are streets that allow for: parallel parking, where cars parked nose to end parallel with traffic; perpendicular, where cars are parked side by side perpendicular to traffic; and angle or echelon parking, where cars are parked at a slight angle to traffic side by side.

It's important to read any parking signs and refer to local parking laws to ensure you're parking legally and completely understand the parking laws in that area. Street parking can be either metered or unmetered. Some metered parking will be a consistant cost throughout the day, while others are given rates based on performance, i.e. during times of high desire to use that location the cost of the parking increases. There are even some applications to assist you in finding a place to park in many areas.

Street parking also presents some benefits and risks. While street parking is convenient, especially when you find a great spot, it lacks the safety of an enclosed or supervised garage. Your car is more at risk of accidental or intentional damage, such as hail damage or theft. Below you will find some links on how be smart when parking on the street!

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